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Escaping Trouble

​Sometimes it's better to stay with the devil you know.


When the troubles of home become too much for 18-year-old Isabel Reyes, she takes comfort in the arms of a presumably, gentleman—her knight in shining armor. Soon, she realizes her family drama doesn’t compare to the danger lying ahead when she finds herself on the run, fleeing a murder charge. Her only chance of making it out alive will come in the form of a stranger who may or may not have her best interest at heart.

Will she survive? Or, will one mistake claim her life?

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Reaching Hope

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Reaching Hope

A Mother’s Journey and Sacrifice


Isabel Navarro is a domestic abuse survivor who’s been through hell and back. Just when her life seems to be getting on track, her happy-ever-after is ripped from under her. Things only get worse when the one person she suspects will be there for her through it all, fails her miserably. The result is sorrow, heartache, and more suffering than she can manage.

Soon, a temporary fix becomes a long-term and almost fatal addiction. In the end, she loses everything and everyone.

Will she be able to survive the aftermath of her self-destructive ways? Or, has she reached the point of no return? Is the risk even worth it when either way, she stands to become a victim?

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Saving Zoe


How Far Would You Go For Love?


Vanessa's life has been tainted by secrets and the scars of a past she can't forget. When that past forces itself into her present life, she is faced with unspeakable truths and undeniable danger.


Getting in isn’t the problem though – it’s getting out that will take everything she’s got and more. Her love and strength are tested to the limit as she’s forced to revisit a past she thought she had left behind and discover a future ahead of her like one she never imagined.


Good vs Evil


Ian Kelly has been working undercover for too long, and lines are starting to blur. He’s been living in a world filled with malice and corruption. 


When a woman from his past suddenly falls prey to trafficking, he’s put in an impossible situation: blow his cover and risk the lives of those he loves, or watch the woman of his dreams destroyed right before his eyes.


Can these two souls with so much at stake right undeniable wrongs and not only save the ones they love but to also save each other?

Saving Zoe

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Obstructing Justice



Coming in March 2019