Contemporary Billionaire Romance

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An illicit affair fueled by lies and deceit.

I wanted to climb the corporate ladder and if it meant getting down and dirty, I had no problem doing it.

The details of my assignment were clear—go in and spy on the competition. But then, a new opportunity presented itself, one with much better benefits, one that would allow me to carry out my plan for revenge. It was an offer too good to pass up and so, I didn’t.

There was just one problem, I hadn't prepared myself for what lay ahead.

Find out just how dangerous the corporate world can be when lines are crossed and loyalties are tested.

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Victoria ~ I was desperate.

The one person who meant everything to me was gone, leaving me devastated. But I couldn't stay down for long.

He got to me when I was at my weakest. Still, things would only go as far as I allowed them to, regardless of what a piece of paper said.

Justin ~ It was complicated.

I'd convinced myself I was doing the right thing. No one could make me feel something I didn't want to. I had it under control.

But I never counted on fate doing its own thing. Suddenly, the challenge to survive tomorrow took precedence over the want for forever.

Nothing was off limits.

The contract was in place, the rules were clear, and there would be no exceptions.

But not everyone had gotten the memo. Someone was bound to get hurt. I just never expected murder to be in the cards.

What happened next would change everything.