Charmed By Love

The sun stopped shining in my world long ago. It was when the realization of how cruel life could be hit me like a ton of bricks.



I had been through the worse, survived, and was okay with being just okay.  I loved without loving, and lived without living, because it kept my heart protected

But then, without warning, fate intervened and everything changed.



And now an unexpected trip to Ireland just may be the thing to make me look at life differently, but only if I open myself up…mind, body, and soul.


There’s just one problem—I don’t know if I can. And though I've tried to escape my past, maybe I'll forever be the "Wildflower" Daddy said I was.

Release Date ~ October  2, 2018

Savage Charm

Natalie - Running from one bad boy just might land me in the arms of another.

I’ve always been drawn to a certain kind of guy—a bit reckless, a lot strong, and sexy as hell.
Besides, with a little trouble came a lot of fun. Except this time, it was different.
I saw something I wasn’t supposed to see.
Now, I’m in deep. And the one person able to save my life, may be the one hired to take it.

Cian - Getting the girl might cost me my life.

I was hired to do a job and it should have been easy.
Find the girl, bring her in, move on—but, it didn’t quite work out that way.
This girl wasn’t going down without a fight.
I found myself not only welcoming the challenge, but also, falling for her.
Now, she’s not the only one on the run, and the only way to protect her, may be to love her…hard.


Irish Charm

Coming Soon