Beyond The Ashes

Winter's Revelation


Bone Orchard

Small towns keep secrets well, but restless souls never sleep.

Bayou Lafitte was supposed to be just another stop along the way until Peyton decided to take a popular swamp tour. Before long, she’s pulled into a decade old missing persons case, haunted by the ghost of a girl she now knows is dead.

With all paths leading to nowhere, Peyton finds herself trapped. The only way to move on is to find out where the girl’s remains are and put them to rest. But first, she must uncover the truth and doing so won’t be easy. 

Secrets kept by the residents of this small, bayou town, will make this endeavor one she’ll likely never forget.

The Witch


I’d been fated to a life I didn’t want, but still, was willing to accept, even if it meant forfeiting my chance to experience true love. There was just one problem, my heart desired something different and it didn’t give a damn about anything else.

I was well aware of there being consequences for my actions. I just never expected the punishment to be so severe. And now, I’ll do anything to escape the scorching flames of hell, and seek vengeance against those who tore me away from my family, and the love of my life—even if it means making a deal with the devil.


The Hunter


What happens when you fall for the one you’re hunting? You become the hunted.

Magic took everything away from me. Now I intend to wipe out as many as I can of those who seek to destroy the natural order; the same ones who took away everyone and everything that meant anything to me.  

But, I never expected to have a run in with the one adversary I couldn’t destroy.

Doing so changed everything.  

First Book in the Worlds Apart Series

I should have just said no.


A bus ride down south seemed to be the perfect escape from the cold and the holiday merry-goers—that is until my best friend decided to come along. That’s when the shit hit the fan. I found myself being dragged into her world…literally.


My great escape had quickly turned into my entrapment. I was caught somewhere between being fascinated and living out a nightmare—greeted by dangerous adventure, guilty pleasures, paranormal beings, and the unveiling of new revelations.


The past I had buried came back to life with a vengeance. The love of my life resurfaced, and suddenly my holiday woes weren’t so important. Things were getting heated and the pressure was on.


It was about survival—and not just mine.


Old wounds would be opened. Truths would be revealed. And for those of us who survived, life would never be the same.


Welcome to Paranormal Realms.

The Psychic And The Priest

Loyalties are tested, allegiances are questioned, and not everyone will survive.


Step inside a paranormal world filled with witches, psychics, shifters, and demons, as Annie and Asha embrace their preordained destiny.


Hidden truths and newfound strengths have brought this unlikely powerful duo together. With new revelations unfolding, new alliances are formed, forcing Annie and Asha to look beyond their immediate circumstances as they focus on what’s to come.


But will their magic be enough to take on evil and win a war against entities seeking to seize control?


Join Annie and Asha on this action-packed adventure filled with romance and supernatural twists at every turn.

Available exclusively in the Magic Rising boxed set.


Arms Of Danger

A Thrilling Story of Life After Death

Granted a second chance following her untimely demise in her former life, Helena has dedicated herself to protecting humans in her current one as a Guardian (Angel). It’s never been a problem, that is, until now, when she discovers the identity of her enemy.

With new revelations unfolding, a future of violence and enslavement gets closer to becoming a reality in the presently peaceful town.

To take on her enemy, she’ll need to acquire help from an unlikely ally; even then, the odds are against her.
Will Helena be able to save the ones she’s dedicated her life to protecting? Or, will evil win by using her secrets against her?

This is a story of greed, lies, lust, and betrayal.